Elim Group helps business owners and employees achieve financial security by offering a variety of custom retirement plans. Our retirement specialists can help you choose the appropriate plan that takes into account the unique aspects of your business and employee base.

Our team of consultants, actuaries and administrators assist with every aspect of plan design, launch, roll-out and support.  

Retirement Planning

Working with your CPA and other advisors, we help you navigate the complicated compliance and regulatory requirements, keeping you apprised of any changes that could impact your retirement plan. Our support center uses the latest technology to provide accurate and timely reporting on your retirement plan, as well as access to knowledgeable specialists to answer any questions you or your employees may have.



It can be a bit overwhelming trying to evaluate all of the different retirement plan options. Understanding whether a defined contribution or defined benefit plan is best for you and your employees can be a real challenge. We help you evaluate your options and develop a plan that will help maximize deferred income for retirement while keeping the cost and complexity of plan administration to a minimum.

You can check out our Resources page for an overview of the different types of defined contribution and defined benefit plan. 

Pension Plan Administration

Defined benefit plans provide an employee with fixed amount of income during retirement based on the length of service and the salary they earned at the time of retirement. These types of plans provide business owners and employees with the comfort of having a fixed level of income in retirement. 

However, setting up and managing defined benefit pension plans can be a complex process, requiring the expert guidance of a firm that has direct experience managing these types of plans. With our team of specialists and actuaries we make sure that you comply with regulatory requirements and adequately fund your plan to fulfill the plan commitments in the future. 


Ez pension

EZ Pension Services is a full-service professional pension administration firm serving corporations of all sizes, not-for-profit organizations, sole proprietorships and partnerships. A team of pension consultants and actuaries provide a broad range of consulting, research, and administration services. EZ Pension Services offers a full array of products, including 401(k), profit sharing plans, other defined contribution plans, and defined benefit plans.