Elim Group helps high net worth individuals and families achieve financial security by building wealth and reducing taxes through custom designed investment solutions. We don’t take a one-size-fits all approach to managing your investments, but provide advice and guidance specific to your needs, objectives and life stages. Whether you seek to accumulate wealth using diversified investments, protect your assets with insurance, generate income for retirement, or provide a legacy for the next generation, you need an advisor that has the breadth of experience to help you make smart decisions along the way.

Investment Advisory

We design investment portfolios based on your individual objectives and tolerance for risk. Your goals and objectives will change over time and may include principal protection, capital preservation, asset growth or tax minimization. We take the time to understand your life goals, align our recommendations with those goals, and monitor changes over time to make certain we stay aligned.

investment philosophy

Elim believes in providing a superior rate of return on your investments while reducing risk and volatility.  This means protecting your assets from inflation and extreme downside risk while building wealth consistently over time.

We align your goals to your investment strategy by factoring in your specific needs or life goals such as retirement, education, estate planning, stock options, tax minimization and alternative investments. We structure your portfolio based on your individual tolerance for risk, timeframe for accessing the funds, and any fiduciary responsibilities you may have.

To make certain we have the right answer when you need it, we use a team approach to managing your portfolio, bringing together the right expertise at the right time to help you make sense of the complex, ever changing world of investing.

investment strategy

By using a strategically managed balanced portfolio, we help you meet your goals of superior returns while taking substantially less risk and minimizing investment fees. We construct a diversified personal investment portfolio that includes the appropriate mix of stocks (U.S. and International), bonds, mutual funds and cash. Diversification is the process of placing a percentage of your portfolio in different market segments with low correlation to each other, with the objective of lowering the overall risk in the portfolio.

Depending on your specific needs and size of your portfolio, there are several investment strategies we can use. During our initial assessment we review with you the various investment strategies that may be appropriate. The strategies include:

Institutional-Quality Asset Managers – We have relationships with quality institutional asset managers that are typically not available for individual or retail investors. Through our existing custodial relationships, we can offer a diversified group of managers with no sales commissions and low expenses.

Active or Passive Mutual Funds – Using this approach, our team of portfolio managers selects a combination of active and passive fund that are designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns while helping to minimize fees and taxes. Actively managed funds allow the possibility of out-performing a market benchmark (i.e. S&P 500), but with typically higher fees. Passive funds reduce the likelihood of underperforming a benchmark and typically have low tax costs and fees.

Money Manager Selection – Our team conducts a rigorous selection process to identify “best in class” performers among mutual funds and ETFs. The Elim research staff uses strict criteria to screen funds and managers to select the investments best suited for your portfolio. Factors include: composition of equities, sector weighting, risk control, fund staffing depth and continuity, fees and performance. Once a manager is selected, our research team continuously monitors the selected managers to ensure they are performing consistently across all the selection criteria.

Bond Portfolio Management – Using both municipal and taxable bonds, this strategy offers you the control and flexibility of owning individual bonds. Elim has screened and selected a handful of experienced bond portfolio managers that meet our rigorous standards. Working with these managers, we can help you meet your portfolio income needs while managing principal risk and minimizing tax exposure. 

investment monitoring

In order to properly execute your investment plan, you need to know when things aren’t going according to the plan. Closely monitoring your investments is a critical part of our process. By combining sophisticated monitoring and reporting technology with twice-yearly meetings, you always know where you stand and where to get answers to your questions.

We believe that by providing complete transparency our clients are able to make better financial decisions. By providing online access to client account and performance data, combined with face-to-face checkpoint meetings, we are able to deliver the measured guidance you need to help you through the inevitable ups and downs.


Financial Planning

Meeting your financial goals begins with a good plan. Getting started can often be the hardest part.  We help you get going by using a formal planning process that takes into account your life goals such as retirement, education or leaving a legacy through estate planning and charitable giving.  Our comprehensive approach addresses the complex maze of regulatory, tax, investment and risk management issues. We cover all the bases, giving you peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is a game plan in place. While we provide the guidance and recommendations, you are in control, making informed decisions based on rigorous analysis and constant communication.